Health Lions also provide personal training as well as small group training and online training. All forms of training include personalized diet schedules and trainings schedules.
Personal training is training one on one with us, which includes training that is personally designed after your desires. We got knowledge on training a wide variety of people also regarding certain illnesses diabetes arthritis, shoulder impingement, heart and respiratory patients.
The goals we specialize in are: weight loss (fat loss), muscle building, strength training, neurological enhancement & sport performance coaching (sport psychology).

Small group training is similar to personal training only with just a little more people group contains maximum of 4 people and a minimum of 3. Within these training the general training desire is taken and will be the decider of the training!
Online training is training where we give you advice and coaching online through Skype. We have meetings weekly or once every 2 weeks. In these meetings we discuss progress and determine which changes should be made to further the progress towards your goal! You are self-dependent to make your way with the schedules your receive from us to reach your goal.

Get your own personal training at Health Lions