About us

We are a group of 3 individuals that were brought together by the brotherhood of iron, and decided to start a movement called Health Lions. Health Lions are all about health while also being a Lion in and out of the gym. To become the best version of you, a true king or Queen of your domain chasing his/hers own personal goals. The motto associated with this movement therefore relates to training for health while living like a lion. When we talk about health we mean not just the physical health but also the mental health. We strongly believe that it is important to manage both to have a successful joyful and ecstatic life! Elements encompassing these aspects will all be address by simply scrolling down.

As this is a community we will also feature other people and strive to have a viewer’s blog on here each week. We as Health Lions also provide personal training and online training and have our own Apparel. Feel free to contact us on whatever subject draws your attention.

Welcome to the pride.
Health Lions signature

Health Lions is a group of 3 individual persons

These are the people behind Health Lions.

Hi, my name is Puru Schout. Personal trainer, co-founder of Health Lions and ambassador of a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Hi, my name is Leroy Gilbert. Bodybuilding athlete, environmental master and co-founder of Health Lions.

Hi, my name is Bauduin Babalola. Bodybuilder and athlete of Health Lions.